During Spring 2015, Mike, Bill, Aaron, John, and Joe developed a research study funded by a local foundation. This study included 278 third-grade students from four charter schools in the city of Milwaukee.

The Museum educators/makers worked with the students during the five week study to learn about and build electrical circuits, electronic synthesizers, record raw audio samples, and manipulate those audio samples. One of the purposes of the study was to see if maker-related Museum learning experiences helped students to learn. We found that to be resoundingly true!

We worked with Chris Lawson and Erica Halverson, researchers from UW-Milwaukee and UW-Madison, respectively and students from both institutions worked with us to collect data.

“Ninety-seven percent of [the students] said they wanted to learn more in the future, and 85 percent said they’d come back to the museum’s Maker space on their own,” Lawson said.

The entire process was very engaging, fun, and educational!

We were proud to find out that the Be A Maker: Beat Builder research study was mentioned in the UW-Milwaukee Annual Research Report. You can check out the article here!