Friend of BAM Erica Halverson, Associate Professor in the Department of Curriculum and Instruction (School of Education) and a researcher in the Wisconsin Center for Education Research at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, was recently featured in a school website article about her work researching the educational benefits of making. Erica was one of the primary researchers on our Beat Builder program, made possible by a grant from the Herzfeld Foundation. Beat Builder is a four week program that includes making in the BAMspace and working with students in their classrooms to teach simple circuitry concepts through music. Erica and other faculty from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and UWM developed survey and data collection tools to examine the impact of making on learning in this program, and their work to document learning - the first of its kind -- will be published this year. 

WCER/© Andy Manis

Erica said of the project, “Bringing the maker movement into the education conversation has the potential to transform how we understand ‘what counts’ as learning, as a learner and as a learning environment."  We were honored to work with Erica and her team and look forward to other collaborations with educators around learning through making. 

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