This past 3rd of July the Betty Brinn Children's Museum held an annual celebration for guests to enjoy the fireworks and play in the museum. The Be a Maker guys, Mike, Bill, and Dom, did light painting with the kids with a really awesome light stick that Dom made the day before. If you are not aware at what light painting is, it is holding the shutter open for a long exposure(several seconds to minutes depending on what you are shooting) in order to capture the trails of lights moving in space.

The kids had a blast! They loved seeing their creations on camera, and will hopefully visit dropbox in order to download their creations. Below are just a few of the kids who joined us for the night. Below that you will see a shot of the fireworks from the museum. This was the first year I have seen Milwaukee's fireworks and it was amazing seeing them reflect off all the glass buildings around the museum.

More images @ MAINSPRING

- John McGeen