Maker Faire Kansas City is traditionally held the last weekend in June at Union Station, and it’s one of my favorite Maker Faires to attend each year. I usually help organize the Power Racing Series event that happens during the weekend, and handle video production for the series, but I do get a bit of free time to wander around, see all the awesome stuff, meet lots of awesome people, and marvel at the wonder that is Maker Faire.

I loved seeing the JE Dunn Construction Company help kids get hands-on experience with tools and build birdhouses. 

There’s always 3D printers at Maker Faire, but how often do you get a look at a 17’ tall 3D printer? SeeMeCNC’s “Part Daddy” was there, and printed a full-sized chair. Neat!

And of course the Power Racing Series had some amazing cars this year. Seems a bunch of prop makers and very skilled builders have jumped into the fray, and the results are pretty awesome.

I’ll be at Maker Faire Detroit later this month and then it’s full speed ahead to Maker Faire Milwaukee, the largest free-to-attend Featured Faire there is… We hope you plan on being there, because it’s going to be bigger and better than before!


-Pete Prodoehl