Adventure Time!

Adventure Time!

We've been prototyping several new sessions this spring, and solvent transfers will definitely be a summer favorite.  If you have access to a laser printer or Xerox machine and some common household solvents (acetone, nail polish remover, xylene), you can make some pretty impressive creations. 

What you will need:

  • SAFETY GEAR. Goggles and gloves are a must, as chemicals could cause irritation.
  • Solvents. We used acetone, but make sure you have good ventilation if you do!
  • Wood or MDF to print on. The smoother the better. 
  • Some laser printed or Xeroxed images. The process does not work nearly as well with ink jet.
  • A spoon (for burnishing the image).
  • A squeeze bottle to pour the solvent in a controlled manner.

How to Solvent Transfer:

  1. Start by placing your image face down onto the wood or MDF block.
  2. Pour the solvent from the squeeze bottle onto the back of the image carefully until the paper is saturated. 
  3. Now, use the smooth back of the spoon to rub (called burnishing) the back of the image firmly. 
  4. The image will start to dull in the areas that have transferred successfully.
  5. When the whole image looks sort of dull and white, peel back the paper and admire your transfer!
  6. Now try adding more layers or cut out different shapes to make a collage.