Thanks to support from the Brady Foundation, the BAMspace is open on Neighborhood Night, our monthly free admission evening. Neighborhood Night provides us with an opportunity to work with lots of kids and families who are not familiar with the maker mission and we love to introduce them to the unlimited creative avenues the BAMspace presents.'s not at all uncommon for the BAMspace to be a little extra messy during the evening. When we came across the name "Sofia" scrawled in crayon across the doors to the space a few months back, we just shrugged our shoulders and scrubbed it away as best we could.

A few weeks later, while on our way to work we noticed a strikingly familiar tag on the side of a school a few miles from the museum. Although the hand style is slightly different, it seemed immediately evident that the BAMspace had been tagged by a young pro! We have even found it on a portion of a collaborative project we worked on exclusively on Neighborhood Nights. Citizens of Milwaukee, if you come across any more sightings of the work of Sofia, please let us know where to find them. We would love to piece together this mystery and maybe even do a Featured Maker posting in the future.