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Making in Education


Making in Education

Making in Education Community of practice

Do you want to learn more about STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts, and math) and the Maker movement? Would you like to discover and share ways to implement it in your classroom? Do you want hands-on time with emerging technology like 3D printers, laser cutters, CNC machines, and more? Then join the Betty Brinn Children's Museum Making In Education Community of Practice!

Interested in learning more? Contact us Here with any questions.

This program is supported in part by a grant from the Herzfeld Foundation.


Our March 9 Community of Practice Meet-Up was wonderful! Educators and college students met at Brenner Brewing Company to explore some kitchen chemistry, and most of the COP members stuck around for a brewery tour with local maker and Brenner Brewing Company namesake, Mike Brenner! It was another successful COP meet-up!

Also, we're using Slack to collaborate online! Please email bam@bbcmkids.org for an invitation to collaborate with us - it's FREE and we want to learn from and with you!

NEXT Meet-Up

The next Meet-Up will be back at our home base - Betty Brinn Children's Museum - on April 27 from 5pm - 6pm. Join us for an evening of collaboration, connections, and camaraderie! Oh, and stay for the Museum's Big League Fun event afterward - details here.


MeeT-ups - In person

We will be hosting a series of meet-ups in support of the Making In Education Community of Practice at the Betty Brinn Children's Museum throughout the year to provide an opportunity for educators to learn and share their tips, resources, and strategies for teaching STEAM in schools. Upcoming meet-ups are scheduled for April 27 and July 27. Stay tuned for more dates!


Community of practice - online

We are partnering with faculty fellows at the University of Wisconsin Madison School of Education to build and support a robust network of educators with the goal of sharing resources and learning opportunities that will advance STEAM/Maker education. Join us at the regular meet-ups or online by following the link to join our Slack Channel below.



Bamspace - Our Home Base

Let the BAMspace be your makerspace. If you have ever wanted to tackle a project for your classroom, but lacked the tools, technology, or training to make it a reality, we're here to help. Contact us at the link below to learn more about how the BAMspace can help you extend your classroom and work toward your goals.


Collaborate in Person and Online

We are partnering with faculty fellows in the University of Wisconsin - Madison School of Education to build and support a network of educators from across the region who are interested in bringing making and tinkering projects to schools and classrooms.

Discover new processes, practical tips, technical advice, and links to free resources, while sharing your ideas and activities online via Slack at https://makermkecop.slack.com and in person at one of our regularly scheduled Making in Education Community of Practice meet-ups!

Past Events

The Betty Brinn Children's Museum hosted its inaugural Educator's Program at Maker Faire Milwaukee on Saturday, September 24, 2016. Focusing on making in education, panel discussions, workshops and equipment demonstrations addressed topics of interest to educators new to making and seasoned maker-educators. The Educator's Program will be an annual event at Maker Faire Milwaukee and part of the Museum's Making in Education Community of Practice, a year-round program for classroom teachers and others interested in developing makerspaces and maker education programs. Click here to learn more. 


Field Trips

Field Trips

Field Trip Programs

Be A Maker Field Trips are conducted in our Be A Maker space, a communal workshop featuring equipment, tools and technology resources for tinkering, building and learning new skills. Workshops address both current academic standards and new models for education that emphasize innovation, creativity and resourcefulness.

All Be A Maker Field Trips are currently 50% off for qualified school groups! Learn more.


Mega-Fort (K5 – 4th grade)

Who wants to build a fort? We do! Using real building materials, students will construct (and maybe demolish!) structures they design with a group. A mini building project for the classroom is included.

Highlighting Technology and Engineering Standards: AC1.a.2.e, AC1.b.3.e, BB1.f.2.e, ENG3.a.2.e, ENG.a.3.e


Fluid Formations (2nd – 4th grade)

Is it art or science? Children will transform common household chemicals into amazing creations and discover how chemical reactions are responsible for the world around them. Recipes for things to try at home are included.

Highlighting Science Standards: C.4.2, C.4.4, C.4.8, D.4.1, D.4.3, D.4.4

Highlighting Art and Design Standards: I.4.7

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robART (2nd – 4th grade)

The future is now! Children will design and build their own art-generating robot to take home. Before they go, they can unleash them in the BAM space to create a collaborative work of art.

Highlighting Technology and Engineering Standards: AC1.e.5.e, BB1.c.1.e, ENG5.b.3.e

Highlighting Art and Design Standards: I.4.7


Animator (3rd – 4th grade)

Bring art to life! Children will learn about different animation techniques and then create their own digital stop-motion animations.

Highlighting Art and Design Standards: D.4.6, E.4.2, F.4.1, F.4.7

Highlighting Technology and Engineering Standards: ENG4.b.1.e, ICT1.h.4.e